we are considered…

Considered Design Inc is a studio based design practice specialising in the creation of landscape defined by the process of conceiving, detailing, constructing and enjoying.

we are landscape architects…we are modernists…we are abstract modernists…we are designers…we are optimists…we are urbanists…we are doodlers…we are environmentalists…we are husky lovers…we are educators…we are gardeners…we are english & we are irish…

we are considered… we are Julian Pattison and Alison Magill


Ideas are everywhere. We keep our eyes open. The best ideas are a celebration of ingenuity and creativity. It doesn’t matter where an idea comes from as long as it is good. We focus our efforts to solve problems through the lenses of place, culture and people. There are no prescribed routes, no defined ways of thinking and we are not afraid to fail. We test, argue & analyze until the cows come home, then we draw and do those things some more. Design is a continuing conversation with many varied outcomes. Our aim is to remove the superfluous until the purity of a concept is revealed


We start big and refine our thinking to small. The bold moves of fat pens become the junctions of materials, both hard and soft. Longevity and permanence are paired with the subtleties of changing seasons and an evolution over time. We care about the alignment of screw heads, the gauge of steel and how a leaf might feel to the touch.

The details are a reflection of the whole but the whole should always be more than just the sum of its’ parts, after all there is divinity and devilment in how we build.


It has to work, it has to fulfill its purpose, function properly, meet the goals and exceed our clients expectations, but crucially there must be delight.  In the box ticking, performance based criteria of modern construction, sometimes it is easy to forget but we strive to always remember.

The life of a project should bring about joy, wonder and surprise. If we can create environments that people care for, arguably it is the most sustainable thing we can do.


Building is an act of pure will. To bring a garden, a roof, a park or a street into existence requires the skills and determination of many. The collective effort takes time, money and patience. We will learn things about others, we will learn things about places and hopefully, we will learn things about ourselves. The part we play in the story is to observe and instruct on behalf of our clients.

We are translators in a language of lines, dimensions, latin and symbols all carefully orchestrated to describe the what, where and how of a project. For us, building is not just the realization of an idea but what an idea can become.